Report on the Capitalization of the Project ‘Promotion of Women’s Participation in Local Governance in Burkina Faso’

Françoise Bibiane Yoda


This report describes the process of of capitalizing the initiative of Reseau Femmes en Action through the production of a radio broadcast for Universitas Forum. The radio broadcast was originally recorded in local languages and translated into French under the direction of RFA. The report presents the project “Promotion of women’s participation in local governance” that was launched in 2005 with the main aim of arousing women’s political consciousness in order to improve their chances for election and their civic awareness in view of their effective participation in the democratic process. The project enabled 4,500 women to understand their civic duties and rights, their crucial role in the democratization and local development process – as well as the challenges presented by decentralization and the importance of participating in local elections. Local actors were also stimulated to undertake projects for the promotion of women’s participation. The results of the 2006 local elections, with 6,400 women elected as local councilors and 20 women as mayors, are encouraging in this sense.  


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