Huairou Commission

Huairou Commission


The Huairou Commission empowers grassroots women leaders and organizations to enhance their community development practice and exercise collective political power globally. It brings together women’s networks, non-governmental and grassroots women’s organizations in over 50 countries in a global coalition supporting community-driven development and policy advocacy across five continents. Huairou Commission members and partners believe that grassroots women’s participation in local and global decision-making is essential to achieving gender-equitable, pro-poor policies and investments and works to:

  • Advance pro-poor, gender-equitable programs and policies through grassroots-led agenda setting, advocacy and monitoring. 
  • Centre-stage and link, through peer-exchanges, organized groups of poor women working on poverty alleviation, community development, basic services and human settlements as a means to collectively strengthen their families, homes and communities.
  •  Build long-term relationships with government officials, policy makers and development institutions that support grassroots women’s groups to act as joint stakeholders in development decision-making (local to global). 

The Huairou Commission centers its work among member groups – the majority of which are based in the global South – and partner institutions through four campaigns: AIDS, Community Resilience, Governance and Land and Housing. These campaigns have been collectively designed by grassroots groups and their partners to improve the conditions of women and their communities and formalize grassroots women’s public leadership in the short and mid-term. Campaigns are collective organizing spaces to pilot and exchange local practices within and across borders and advocate for policy change. 

Governance Campaign - We support and strengthen grassroots women leaders as problem solvers by strengthening their efforts to participate in and influence public decision-making at all levels of governance. The campaign promotes sustaining women in leadership, holding governments accountable and creating platforms for communities to set policy and resource priorities.

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