Sara Swartz


The relationship between knowledge, development and international cooperation is the main theme of this first issue of Universitas Forum, which is being launched in the midst of what can be considered a crisis of the development model that has dominated development thinking over the past fifty years. It is also a moment of serious reflection about the prevailing modalities of international aid and their capacity to contribute in a significant way to achieving the global objectives of human development. Central to this rethinking process is the relationship between knowledge and development policies. The editors’ intention, with the creation of Universitas Forum, is to contribute to these debates, drawing on the experiences, approaches and methodologies of researchers, policy makers and practitioners from different cultural and developmental contexts engaged in human development.


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Knowledge; Development; International Cooperation

Universitas Forum is produced by the Universitas Programme of the KIP International School (Knowledge, Innovations, Policies and Territorial Practices for the UN Millennium Platform).

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