The Empowerment of Chiquimulean Women and Public Policies in Guatemala

REDMUCH Red Departamental de Mujeres Chiquimultecas


This case study sheds light on an experience that took place in the Department of Chiquimula, in northeastern Guatemala, from the 1996 Peace Agreement to date. The story of the Women’s Association REDMUCH (Chiquimulean Women’s Network) offers an opportunity to reflect on the actual and potential role played by women in the decentralization process and in building democracy, starting from their local territories. Initially supported by international cooperation actors, REDMUCH became a focal point for defenders of women’s rights and contributed to advocating for and developing public policies from a gender perspective. REDMUCH supported the creation of Municipal Offices for Women’s issues as well as trained hundreds of local women leaders according to a curriculum tailored to their immediate and strategic local needs. These women now participate in Development Committees at the community and municipal levels and in the gender thematic group at department level. As expressed by the very actors of the experience, REDMUCH, in spite of great financial hardship, has helped make women’s voices heard on strategic issues for their “buen vivir” and that of their communities.


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descentralización; mujeres; Guatemala; construcción de la democracia; Cooperación Internacional; políticas públicas

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